Industry Events for Electrical and Electronics Engineers August 20, 2012 at 8:00 pm

For the latter part of 2012, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers will be launching a series of informative workshops and industry conferences.

These events are designed to provide members the latest news, updates and information on what is currently going on in the electronics and electrical industry. One industry topic that will be discussed this year are the latest technologies currently being used in the government and military. This training conference is highly recommended for electrical and electronic engineers who work for organizations like the Department of Defense, army, navy and other branches of the armed forces. This conference will be held in Orlando, Florida and will begin during the last week of October. Those who are thinking about attending this event are recommend to registered to early, because it is expected to attract between fifteen hundred and two thousand people.

In terms of other upcoming events, there will also be a training conference held in Sydney, Australia beginning in early September. This particular conference will focus on mobile radio communications. Due to the focus of this event, it is expected to attract hundreds of electronic engineers from around the world. Some of the scheduled topics will be, the latest updates in personal radio communications and also the latest news about outdoor mobile technology.

Remaining industry events scheduled for this year include conferences on medical imaging and nuclear science. These events will be held in Anaheim, California, and will focus on areas like radiation detection, particle physics, accelerators, and non-nuclear molecular imaging. All these conferences and events are designed to help educate and prepare electrical and electronics engineers for technologies and practices that will be used in the future.

In addition to information about industry events, the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers also provides members the latest information and updates about employment resources, salaries and industry networking opportunities.


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