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Industry Events for Electrical and Electronics Engineers August 20, 2012 at 8:00 pm

For the latter part of 2012, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers will be launching a series of informative workshops and industry conferences.

These events are designed to provide members the latest news, updates and information on what is currently going on in the electronics and electrical industry. One industry topic that will be discussed this year are the latest technologies currently being used in the government and military. This training conference is highly recommended for electrical and electronic engineers who work for organizations like the Department of Defense, army, navy and other branches of the armed forces. This conference will be held in Orlando, Florida and will begin during the last week of October. Those who are thinking about attending this event are recommend to registered to early, because it is expected to attract between fifteen hundred and two thousand people.

In terms of other upcoming events, there will also be a training conference held in Sydney, Australia beginning in early September. This particular conference will focus on mobile radio communications. (more…)


Stay Up-To-Date with the IEEE Through the Conference Website at 1:40 pm

Welcome to the conference website for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)! The resources provided on this website are designed to allow for communication between members of the IEEE in order to foster communication, and to further knowledge in the fields of electronics engineering and electrical engineering. Resources are available to student members, senior members, and all other members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, free of cost.

Through forums on the website, users can post threads and questions related to the topics studied by the IEEE. These threads can be viewed and commented on by all other members of the IEEE, so that members can help one another out. Student members can help further their educations by getting help from seniors, which can be exceedingly helpful; more experienced members can give back to the community, can discuss topics of interest to them, and can get feedback and comments on electrical and electronics engineering, as well.

Announcements are news-posts are also available through the conference website for the IEEE. (more…)